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The Journey of a Lifetime

The Journey of A Lifetime coverThe Journey of a Lifetime - Leadership Pathways to Culture Change in Long Term Care, 2007 written by Nancy Fox.

If as a leader or manager of people, you're looking for the reason 'why' and "how' then this is the book for you.  This is YOUR journey of a lifetime as you navigate the whys and wherefores of changing the culture in long term care and community care.  As Nancy Fox says, "Leadership is the key that opens the door to possibilities. In a sense it is out passport to a better world."

As leaders, culture change requires personal transformation first before we start to change our organisation.  The first chapter has the title - "You want me to change my culture?"  Get's you thinking doesn't it.  This book is a must read for any Manager or leader of people who want to understand their role in providing wise leadership through the Eden Alternative.


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