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Summer Newsletter Edition 2021/2022
Hot off the press, our latest Summer 2021/2022 edition is now available. Whilst Covid 19 has impacted us all around the world, the Eden Alternative community continues to innovate, create opportunities for growth and thrive.
EiON Newsletter - Summer / Autumn 2020
Person directed care requires the empowerment of staff, elders and visitors. In a Covid19 context, the past few months have seen many Eden Members rise to the challenge to continue to grow their care partner teams and to innovate and pivot the relationships amongst everyone. Our international Eden tribe is proving that putting the person first is both challenging and exhilarating. Communities are thriving, staff are providing selfless service and to date, overall satisfaction has soared. We know there is more work to do. We know that we are all learning from each other. We celebrate all that's right with the world, by providing a snapshot of recent successes in the Eden Alternative world.
EiON Newsletter - Autumn/ Winter 2019
Why do we do what we do? We're continually amazed at the innovations that our Eden registry members create. Their aim is to educate and deepen their knowledge and understanding of culture change as it relates to their organisation and community. Our newsletter provides you with the opportunity to learn, share and create new opportunities for deeper understanding of the benefits of the Eden Alternative for your organisation. One of the best outcomes of all of this is that we are constantly reminded that our greatest resource is the Elders, residents, clients we support. Celebrate all that's good in the Aged and Community Care Sectors.
EiON Newsletter - Spring / Summer 2018
It's been a busy year and we're thankful to all the culture change advocates around the globe. You make an amazing difference in the lives of Elders everywhere. We love to celebrate all the wins and successes of our Eden registry Members and individuals. We're also planning an Eden Conference in October 2019. Read on to find out more. Dr Bill Thomas, founder of the Eden Alternative, will be our guest plenary speaker.
EiON Newsletter - Autumn / Winter 2018
So much has happened over the Autumn and Winter periods this year. Eden bi-annual Conference was held in Atlanta Georgia, we were at the Ageing Asia conference with Dr Bill Thomas, and we had some award winning memorable moments too. Our region is growing through Eden Registry membership and new organisations in residential and Community Care who are making a difference in New Zealand and Australia.
EiON Summer Newsletter 2017/18
Happy New Year -It's the Chinese Year of the Dog - a 4 legged, welcome addition in any home or centre as a companion for many.... Inside our latest newsletter, you'll find new ideas, inspiration and success stories that will keep you asking for more. Check out our latest training success in Singapore and our newest Eden registry members.
EiON Autumn / Winter Newsletter 2017
Whilst Autumn and Winter months in the Southern Hemisphere are cooler, it doesn't mean that we're in hibernation. Rather, there is a lot happening with the Eden Alternative in both Australia and New Zealand. And later in the year, we're heading to Singapore for our inaugural Eden Associate course.
EiON Summer Newsletter 2016/17
Happy New Year! Catch up on last year and what's planned for this year!!
EiON Winter Newsletter 2016
Catch up on what has been happening with Eden over the past few months!
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