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Feedback about the "Implementing the Eden Alternative in Aged Care" course

"I thought that this was probably another course I'd fall asleep in. You kept me engaged for the three days and I'm INSPIRED to do more for our Residents" - Australia 2016

"Wow! The best course I've ever done!" Love the whole concept. Have been longing for this to happen for years. Thank you for sharing your wisdom" 

"I've been waiting for this for years. Thanks" 

"I have thoroughly enjoyed this course with the participation. Wow!"

"I am excited about this philosophy being introduced to this home, where my husband currently lives. The "little" things which are 'big' things for him will hopefully be done for him without me having to constantly remind the staff to 'do' them for him as he can't do them for himself." 

"Presentation was perfect. There is nothing I can say to improve this course. It's great already' 

"A really enjoyable 3 days. Wonderful!  I will now be approaching Elders in a different light and look outside the square" 

"I enjoyed the three days and found it to be extremely valuable both professionally and personally." 

"I have learned that we need to involve elders more; that I shouldn't be afraid to make mistakes and that anything that is a challenge is now an opportunity and not a problem".

"I wanted to say thank you for the powerful 3 days you delivered to our staff by way of sharing with you one of the 'day after' stories.  The only way is up from here on in.  We just need to keep the air hot in our balloon or keep the soil warm and fertile."   

"It was a good course. The debrief with fellow staff and how this applies to us was fantastic.  So much so, that we almost missed getting our bags on the plane.  Oops!  It's also good with the 30 day goals that we are to reach." 

"I thoroughly enjoyed the 3 day course and happy to be part of the change into residential aged care.  This is a vision that other's will catch on and run with because they know it will be beneficial to the staff, residents, family and facility. Thank you" 

"I enjoyed and appreciated the gentle build up to a point when commitment was challenged."

"Both tutors were interesting to listen to and it was a lot of fun...Great food, great company and I'm excited about the change ahead".  

"Great presenters, fabulous concept, am full of hope following this for the future of aged care." 

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