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Organisation Direct (In-House) Group Training

Organisation direct workshops (In House) offer you substantial savings, convenience, flexibility and team building opportunities. Let us come to you and deliver your chosen course or workshop at your nominated venue. All programs are delivered in an interactive way and aim to equip participants with the skills and knowledge to improve quality of care for residents or clients.

Organisation direct workshops are designed for a minimum of 15 and up to a maximum of 30 participants. Participants can be solely from your home or you may wish to organise a mixed group of staff from residential aged care homes in your area.

STEP 1 - Identify your early adopters - the Eden Champions in your team.

STEP2 - Educate your employees with the "Implementing the Eden Alternative in Aged Care" course. This is the first major step towards the commitment that homes / organisations / groups undertake when looking to change their model of care in their home, service or organisation. 

STEP 3 - Using the tools and skills you've gained from the three day course, begin implementing small changes. Warm the soil, spread the word and cultivate the environment for the Eden Alternative®.

STEP 4 - Apply for Eden Registry membership in 12-18 months time from the first training

STEP 5 - Education is the antidote to fear. Consider other Eden Alternative training options for care partners, the leadership team, volunteers etc

How many staff should be trained as Eden Associates?

To effect the greatest culture change, consideration should be given to training more than 20% of your employee base to effect the greatest positive culture change in the Eden Alternative®.   These include:

  • Board members,
  • Executive Management
  • Heads of Department
  • EN's and RNs
  • Personal carers / Health Care Workers
  • Leisure & Lifestyle / social support co-ordinators
  • Hospitality services
  • Environmental services 
  • Administration,
  • Families and the community.

These people have the potential to become your Eden Champions in organisational culture change and the Eden Alternative. They are able to plan, consult, improve the lives of residents and other stakeholders through their understanding of and empowerment in the Eden Alternative.  An understanding of the Eden Alternative enables management teams to redefine their organisational culture. 

Through the Eden Associate training, EiON educators are able to deliver customised training that addresses the specific challenges of an organisation or service provider who are implementing the Eden Alternative. 

Group Sizes are as follows:

  • Group A - 15 - 20 participants
  • Group B - 21 - 30 participants

As a part of the training course fee, each home receives copies of "Haleigh's Tool Kit" and "In the Arms of Elders', which are an invaluable resource for all practitioners. 

All homes wanting to provide "In House" training need to be able to provide the following:

  • air conditioned and heated venue suitable to train the number of staff
  • chairs & rectangular tables for a minimum of 2-5 groups
  • whiteboard and data projector & speakers
  • easel / butchers paper
  • catering services

At the end of this course, participants who complete the competency component become Certified Eden Associates and join more than 2000 Eden Associates in Australia and New Zealand.  Eden Associate membership is a passport to connections with other like minded individuals who believe that they can make a difference in the lives of residents and elders and work towards eliminating the three plagues of loneliness, helplessness and boredom in aged and residential care environments.

Want to know what the experience of the Eden Associate training is like?  Check out the testimonial commentary from our participants.

Leadership training is also available and can be tailored to address educational gaps identified through professional development reviews.  We also provide information sessions for other staff, residents and families.

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