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Come to the Eden Conference - Brisbane - October 15-17 2019!

Make sure you reserve time to come to the Eden Conference in Brisbane in October this year!

We'll have 2 keynote speakers from the USA - Dr Bill Thomas - author, entrepreneur, musician, teacher, farmer and physician, Dr. Thomas’ wide-ranging work explores the terrain of human ageing.  Dr Bill founded the Eden Alternative, together with his wife Judy, in the 1990's.  Since then, he has continued to develop systems and environments to help our Elders live their lives to the full.

Our second keynote speaker is Dr Allen G. Power - a renowned geriatrician specialist in dealing with dementia. Dr Al has written two books on dealing with dementia - Dementia Beyond Drugs and Dementia Beyond Disease - which have had worldwide acclaim and helped shape new ways of thinking about managing dementia. Dr Al has also been a member of the Eden Alternative board.

For more information, please go to edeninoznzconference.com 

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