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Media Room Update - Eden Alternative goes to Singapore in October 2017

The Eden Alternative is a global movement.

In October 2017, we held the inaugural Certified Eden Associate course in Singapore.  Hosted by Ren Ci Nursing Home, in Ang Mo Kio, representatives from Singapore, Malaysia, India and Australia came together to learn, share, discuss and plan a future where care partnerships, based upon authentic relationships are possible. It is a universal truth, that most care homes are institutions.  Rules and regulations, time and tasks dominating and the person is last on the list. Power and control resides with staff and the organisations. 

However, what we do know is that organisations, individuals and communities who dare to dream that Eldercare can be different, find that the Eden Alternative offers them so much more than programs and events.  By putting the person first and becoming well known, we begin to change we see ourselves, our colleagues and older people.  We start to see the PERSON, and not their DISEASE.

An update from our Media Room on the success of our first Eden training in Singapore showcases that we all have the same challenges no matter where we live. 

Dare to Dream...Dare to be Different through the Eden Alternative.

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